Glow in the Dark

I LOVE glow in the dark painting. Most people think neon colors and think bright and chaotic, but you can do so much with it. My goal for this piece was to bring a serine quality to the eyes. The piece above "The Bravest Garden" is about women embracing their femininity and power, attracting even more beauty to their ever-glowing souls. The women in this piece have mile long eyelashes which is of great beauty, the eyelashes also protect foreign objects from entering into the eye (windows to the soul) showing that there is protective and glorious power in feminine energy. I also wanted to place a sense of peace and delicacy in the viewers hearts, so I arranged butterflies to float around and rest on the women. This is one of my favorite pieces because it really reminds me how me as woman can be both fire and feminine, both protector and nurturer, both loved and loving, both calm and storm!

© 2019 Ryan E'lawn

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